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5 Benefits of Private School

In order to equip children for an ever-changing world, many parents are choosing private school education; and with so many different options, there is a school to suit every child and family.

The benefits of private school have been well documented, with some of the most common benefits being smaller class sizes, tailored programs, academic excellence and specialised staff. But many are finding benefits far beyond that; here are 5 advantages of private schooling you may not have thought of.

Individualised Support

With class sizes in the public school system growing, many parents are finding that their child simply doesn’t get the support that they need. With so many children; all with differing needs; it’s impossible to be able to support every single one in the way they need to be supported.

Because private schools offer smaller class sizes, students receive personalised support. With fewer children, it is easier for individual needs to be identified and catered to.

This means being able to learn at a pace, which suits the child; as well as having the time to re-visit anything they need additional support on.

So often public schooling can feel like our children must mold themselves to “fit the system”; but private schooling is responsive to the child, with staff individualising learning to the child’s learning style.

Community Environment

Due to smaller class sizes, oftentimes students and alumni report an inclusive community environment, offering a “familial” feel.

Because private schools rely on tuition funding, a community that encompasses parents and the entire family is encouraged; with parents also feeling like the school environment is supportive, nurturing and motivational.

Many schools often encourage parents to be involved; not only in their child’s education; but also in the wider school community. This allows families to connect with other families, which ultimately creates stronger community ties, as well as greater potential for networking – both for students and families.

Parental Involvement

With individualised support and smaller class sizes, it’s much easier to access not only teaching staff, but also school administration.

Additionally; with such tailored educational support; parents often feel better able to engage in their child’s education and ensure that their child’s needs are being met.

With smaller school communities, parents who choose the private school system also have a more inclusive voice in cultivating school culture. Private schooling offers discerning parents the opportunities to not only shape their child’s education, but also the overall growth of the school and its programs.

Shared Educational Philosophy

With an increase in the demand for a different approach to learning; it’s now easier than ever to find a school that fits your educational philosophy. Gone are the days of “one size fits all”; instead, in its place are schools offering the specialised education, culture, learning styles and experiences parents are looking for.

With so much choice, it is possible to find teaching staff and a school whose values closely align with yours.

Development for today and tomorrow’s world

How many of us can identify with this: learning subjects at school, which you have never, or which you feel served little purpose in your adult life?

While there is certainly a place for all subjects, private schools have the unique advantage that they can go beyond the mandatory subjects required by provincial curriculum.

Their approach to education can be customized so that students are taught necessary life skills; or have specific educational needs met. This ensures that children learn a wide range of disciplines that ultimately equip and prepare them for every stage of life, both current and in the future.

At First Steps and Beyond, we set students up for tomorrow’s world by promoting higher standards for academic achievement as well as conduct. Our philosophy is that students are empowered when they are active participants in their education; this is why we encourage all students to set goals.

We support them through every stage of achieving their goals; from planning and execution to celebrating their wins. We love seeing our students grow in confidence through continued goal setting.

If you’ve been considering private school, we’d like to invite you to join us for the day. Tour our classrooms; meet staff and experience for yourself the First Steps and Beyond advantage. Contact us to book your visit – we can’t wait to meet you.

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