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It's A Dynomite Dinosaur Craft

I came across this dinosaur craft the other day while checking out a Cricut at a friend's house. I thought it was a cool looking craft that children would enjoy making. It is definitely a parent/child craft as more than 2 hands are needed to assemble the dinosaur's head. We hung it up in our Kindergarten room. The children absolutely love it. I traced all of the pattern pieces which you will find below. Each piece is numbered which is very important. I used scrapes of scrap booking card stock. I would suggest using only 1 color for the head. As well, if you plan on hanging the dinosaur head up on the wall, double sided colored paper would be nice too! Have fun with this. Your children will love it.

Trace and cut out all pattern pieces. On each piece you will see lines. These need to be cut in order to insert the pieces together. Be sure to number each piece for easier reference during assembly. I used post it arrows.

Once you have all pieces traced and cut out follow the assembly directions.

Step 1 Insert #3, 4, 5 into #2 and then insert each tab into #1. Tape down tabs on back of #1.

Step 2 Join the 3 head pieces using # 7, 8, and 9. #7 closest to base. Work outward towards nose. I found it easier to insert the supporting jaw bones when the base was laid down flat on the counter top.

Step 3 Continue inserting the jaw bones working outwards towards the nose following the sequence of numbers. #15 is inserted at the top of the nose. See diagram below. After inserting all of the jaw bones, I glued #6 onto the back of #5. Provides better stability. I also found that gluing #2 to #5 once the head is assembled provided additional stability as well. Assembly is a bit tricky at the start. Once you get a base going, inserting the jaw bones becomes much easier.

The finished product!

Pattern Pieces

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