The Not-So-Top Secrets Behind ABC's and 123's

Is your child running around the house singing the ABC song? Is he/she asking about the letters or beginning to recognize letters? Perfect! Here’s how to take those beginning reading skills to the next level. “What’s This?” If your little one is inquisitive always asking “what’s this?”; the place to start is with the consonant letters of the alphabet. The first word that children typically recognize is their name so begin with those letters. Be sure to begin their name with a capital and keep the rest of the letters lower case. Forming letters in shaving cream, sand, rice, pudding or painting on ice are wonderful sensory and tactile learning experiences. Scavenger Hunts are always fun

Genius Ideas for Stress-Free Mornings!

Mornings can be the most stressful – and chaotic – time of the day for families. Coordinating everyone, making sure everyone is working towards the same goal and leaving the house on time is something that feels like it requires military precision! To help your home get off to a harmonious start each day, here are 10 things you can do to make your life that little bit easier: Do your prep work – Clothing Kids love to be independent and choosing their own outfit is one of the first ways they exercise this independence. That can sometimes create more work for you in the mornings though! Preparing outfits ahead of time on the weekend is a win-win for everyone. Your child doesn’t have to comprom

Building Confidence

The transition from home to school can be a difficult one; the natural biological bonds that exist at home do not occur in social settings and children learn for the first time how to manage differing social dynamics. This brings with it a wide spectrum of feelings and emotions, which can be hard for little people to keep up with. We want our children to thrive amongst their peer group, but how can you support your child to build confidence in social settings? “Normalize” Socializing Genetics aren’t the only thing children inherit from their parents; without realizing it, we can pass on our anxieties too. Because much of how a child learns is through observation, how you; as a Parent; engage

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