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Financial Assistance Options

Private school education can be prohibitive for some families.  If your child is a new candidate to First Steps & Beyond or a current student we can help.  We are committed to making education at First Steps and Beyond accessible to as many families as possible.

Reduced Tuition Program

How it works: Tuition is based upon combined family income. The amount you pay monthly is determined by your income bracket.  Please complete the short form below and submit it to the office.  You will then be emailed a full application. You will complete the full application, returning it to us.  Your application will be reviewed by the Director followed by a phone call to arange an appointment.

Who is eligible: Families with children between the ages of 5 and 12, families with the combined yearly income of $52,000 or less

Requirements: To be taken into consideration for this program we will ask you for a Notice of Assessment from the current tax year from CRA. If you receive funding from Provincial Social Services, a photocopy of a current dated Social Services Benefits Card or a letter from Social Services verifying you're in receipt of assistance and the children listed are your dependents.  If you are low income and do not receive Social Assistance, a copy of the Alberta Child Health Benefit card and the letter of confirmation of renewal for the current year is required.  If you are a Government Sponsored Conventional Refugee, we will require both of the following:  a photocopy of Parents "Confirmation of Residency" papers indicating Conventional Refugee and a current Citizenship & Immigration cheque stub AND a copy of current dated Interim Federal Health Certificate of Eligibility for applicant and children.  We may also request a copy of a recent pay stub or copy of record of employment from your last employer. If your application is reviewed and accepted, you'll be required to have a one-on-one interview with the Director of the school prior to start date.



Government Subsidy

We are pleased to be able to offer subsidies through the Government of Alberta.  Subsidies are available for children attending Pre-School, Pre - Kinders and Kinders - Plus.  A subsidy is also available for children in Grades 1 - 5 who require Out of School Care.  Information on all subsides is available online at

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