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The Stage Is Set

The final curtain has been drawn on 2017 and now the stage has been set for yet another play, another year. The title 2018. I wonder what this play, 2018, is about. What is the script and what is the plot? Is there any significance attached to these numerals 2-0-1-8?

Upon consultation with a numerology website, I discover that indeed the number 2018 does have meaning. It is a number which exemplifies cooperation and relationships due to its energy. The energy it exudes is limitless. Teamwork, pulling together, companionship, romance and diplomacy are all associated with 2018. The energy is "wise" and "intuitive." Its gentleness attracts harmony and peace. Relationships will be fostered and maintained. Cooperation is a key player in these relationships. The numeral 2 symbolizes teamwork, relationships and diplomacy. Wholeness, inclusiveness and infinite potential are 0's essence. The 1 stands for self determination, independence and exploration of new ideas. Finally, the 8 is symbolic of business, efficiency and realism. Fascinating script! My mind begins to set the story line and setting for this play.

My thoughts turn to Chinese New Year. What is this year's symbol I ask? It is the year of the "Dog." "Dog" is a symbol of loyalty and honesty. We know that they thrive on companionship. They provide steadfastness, calmness and are extremely loyal.

An overheard conversation the other day mentioned that apparently the word for 2018 is HOPE. I think we could all use a little of the HOPE story element right now. There was certainly too much "discouragement" in the play titled 2017.

I go back and reread the story elements for 2018. Then I review the translation for the "Year of the Dog" and add HOPE to the plot. Cooperation, relationships, teamwork, companionship, diplomacy, romance, intuition, harmony, determination, independence, loyalty, honesty, steadfastness, calmness and HOPE. All such powerful words. Think of what can be accomplished during 2018 if we choose to hear this positive and powerful play script. Consider their influence on our daily interactions and decisions if we take them to heart.

The stage is set. The orchestra cured. We must now fulfill our assigned roles and deliver the script. A script focused on growth, positive change, tolerance, respect, cooperation, trust and honesty. If we all play our roles it is going to be an AMAZING year. I cannot wait. I want a front row seat.

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