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Nicole Parker

Behavioural Therapist

I'm Mrs. Nicole Parker, a Behavioural Therapist with First Steps and Beyond.  I have worked as a Bahavioural Therapist for 16+ years in the following disciplines:  Autism, developmental disabilities, children's mental health, education and brain injury in both residential, clinical and educational settings.  Passionate about my work and believing in advocating and supporting the academic growth of all children and providing excellence in education is to be of the highest priority.  I am very excited for the opportunity to work hand-in-hand with each and everyone of you, students and parents.  Students and parents are truly what makes education such an amazing and wonderful place to spend my days.  Your children's personalities and brilliant minds contribute to such a satisfying and fulfilling career.  I look forward to demonstrating how I will contribute to the growth and success of each and every student.  I am blessed with two beautiful, imaginative, curious and busy children. I'm happy to be part of the First Steps & Beyond team providing excellence in education.  I am truly living a dream.

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