Is First Steps & Beyond right for you?  If you're looking for excellence in education we are your choice.

Enriched Academic Opportunities

Higher Individual Academic Achievement

Safe Environment

Safe place that allows our children to identify who they are.






Dedicated Teachers

Future Leaders

Private schools play a leading role in developing our future leaders in politics, business and society.

Goal Setters/Achievers






Building character, allowing individualism and achievement, supporting tolerance and knowledge.

Low Teacher:Student Ratios

What Lynne has created is so amazing.  She has clearly poured her heart and soul into the school and it shows.  The time that she spends with the children and my family is time away from hers.  I want you to know how much that means to us.  My kids love you like another parent.  While I hope that they find another teacher like you, I just don't think it will be a easy search.  You are one in a billion.  The childrens lives will always be shaped by something you've created.  What a legacy!!
The Jewell Family

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July 8, 2020

Your child's brain contains over 100 billion neurons at birth. Think of neurons as call centers that carry messages to and from the brain via the complex and complicated nervous system. Synapses, which are the connections made from one brain cell to another, occur by t...

October 9, 2019

This weekend many of us will gather around the dinner table set with the finest dishes and crystal.  The centre piece will be the golden brown, perfectly cooked, aromatic turkey.  The table will be flanked with all the fixings that go along with Thanksgiving dinner.  W...

September 11, 2019

Children's stories are such a fabulous and intriguing tool when we are trying to teach our little ones a life skill.  National  Positive Thinking Day is Friday, September 13.  The day was introduced in 2003 by an American Entrepreneur to celebrate the benefits of posit...

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