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Tamara Stasyk


I am always considering how I can have a positive impact on the futures of the children I teach.  Children are a smaller version of an adult. They aspire to learn how to communicate, behave and obtain information much the same as we do.  They may not have attained all of the knowledge they need to master these skills, but my responsibility as a teacher is to deliver their education through diversified approaches that are tailored to their multiple intelligence.

Teaching in a private school setting allows me to develop an individualized curriculum that goes beyond the standard grade level parameters established by the government.  The flexibility in curriculum enables me to challenge each student and encourage them to reach their highest potential  A student that is considered to be grade level or above is often left in idle mode and is not encouraged to reach their personal best.  A child that is interested and engaged in their learning is a child that will remember.  Within a private school setting, classrooms with lower numbers of students enable me to educate students on the importance of setting goals and being held accountable for reaching their goals.  If we allow students to not complete their assignments and still award them with a pass, how is that preparing them for the future?  Have you ever had a supervisor or boss that has been understanding and


complacent when you missed a deadline? We need to encourage our young people to work hard and never to settle for just "ok".  They need to develop a personal drive to aspire to do better and to grow.  As a teacher, I want to feel that I have set my students up with the tools they need to be successful and independent individuals that are ready to work hard no matter the task they are taking on.  I strongly believe in the statement, "It takes a village to raise a child."  We need to collaborate to ensure that all children are well cared for and raised, providing them the guidance to reach their fullest potential.  We all have an invested interest in their learning.  I was fortunate to have parents who were actively involved in my education.  I feel all parents play a vital role in their child's education.  Teaching is a very fulfilling career.  I wish to be a role model.  I love the challenge.  A challenge that inspires me to be constantly growing and learning.

My career began with the completion of my degree at Canadian University in Lacombe in 2008 majoring in Early Childhood Education.  I have been with First Steps for 5 years teaching at all of the various grade levels.  When I am not teaching, I enjoy spending time outdoors with my husband and two girls.

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